Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9th birthday party

On my birthday i got my hair cut and colored. Reagan let me wear her earrings.

I ate cake and had a party with Maddie Elan and Aspen......... most importantly MEEEEEEEEEE. And I had presents.

I love my birthday 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My 8th birthday

This is my 8th birthday. I had a lot of fun. A lot of my family came to celebrate it with me. My Grandma and Grandpa Shumate, my Grandma Marini, Uncle Chas, Uncle TIm, Aunt Rachel and Wyatt, Aunt Ember, Alec, Zacharay, Brice and Makenzie.

I was attacking my Uncle Chas with my cousins.

This is me before I got baptized. I felt really good and I was excited.

This is me after.

This is me and all my Marini cousins. I am so glad they came to my baptism.

When it was over, I got a present from Mom and Dad. It was a Bible. I love it!

I loved my 8th birthday!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I got my hair cut

I went to get my hair cut the other day with my mom. I wanted it to be shorter and I wanted the bangs to look like my Aunt Jaqui's. I wish my hair could be dark like Aunt Jaqui's too.  My hair is super light in some places because I've been playing and swimming a lot in the sun. 
Here's me at the hair cutting place. She cut off a lot of hair. 

I took this picture of my mom getting her hair cut.
This is what my hair looks like now. My mom and dad say that it's so cute! I really like it too. 
It's almost the same as my mom's hair too. 

I went to get my hair cut

Friday, August 8, 2008

My 6th Birthday!

My birthday was last week and now I'm 6! I had so much fun on my birthday. After going to swimming lessons and having cupcakes there, I got to go to the movies with Mom, Reagan, and some of my friends. We saw WALL-E. I thought it was so funny!

After the movie, we went to Red Robin for dinner. Yum! We all got balloons and party hats. I got to open my presents before the dinner came! I got so much cool stuff! 
Then the workers at Red Robin brought me this ice cream sundae and they all sang a Happy Birthday song to me. Mom gave everyone else a cupcake to eat. 
After dinner, Mom took everyone home. Here we are in the car. That was a really fun birthday!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Swimming Lessons

I had two weeks of swimming lessons this summer. This is me on the first day. They made me swim a lot with my face in the water. I didn't like it. It was too hard to hold my breath and swim at the same time. They also wanted us to jump off the diving board, but they let me jump off the side. 

By the 2nd lesson, I was able to swim with my face in the water. I also jumped off the diving board.  I loved it so much that Mom let us go to the pool at the park after the lesson was over. Now I can swim with my face in the water and swim on my back!

While we waited for our turn, we had to stand in line. Reagan and I hugged each other to keep ourselves warm. The swimming teachers thought it was so cute. 

I even learned how to dive off the diving board. I dove off and swam to the other end of the pool. 

The last day of lessons  was on my birthday. Everyone sang "happy birthday" to me and mom gave everyone a cupcake. I love my birthday!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


When we were gone, Dad bought a snake. We named her Cinnamon Roll because she looks like a cinnamon roll when she's all curled up. Mom didn't want to get a snake, but Reagan and I did. So we out voted Mom. Gwyn even likes her too. 

I love to hold Cinnamon. It's so much fun and she's so cute! I like the way she feels when she crawls all over me. She tries to crawl in my shirt all the time!

Sail boating

When I was at Grandma's, Uncle Cory and Aunt Danielle took me out on a sail boat. I was a little scared. See how tight I'm holding on? But I still had fun. Thanks Uncle Cory and Aunt Danielle!